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Is BIG-IP edge client backward compatible ?

We have BIG-IP APM running on v11.5.3 HF2 for SSL VPN and Edge client installed on client has the major version 7103 for 11.5.3 HF2.

We are planning to upgrade APM to new version 12.1.2. So what is the correct step ?

Can we install the major version of BIG-IP Edge client 7132 for APM 12.1.2 in client machines first (Keep in mind the APMs will still be running 11.5.3 HF2). And later after weeks upgrade APM to 12.1.2.

Is new version of Edge Client compatible with older APM version. Is there any compatibility matrix or article for this.

I found https://support.f5.com/csp/article/K13757 which does not answer my question.

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Comment made 19-Oct-2017 by Andrew Husking 738

My experience has typically been that the edge client will just updated itself with any new components when it firsts connects to a newer version VIP.

That been said, there would have been a stage where i was connecting to two different versions without any issues (although that was a long time ago).



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Yes. You are right.

No need to update edge client before upgrading the BIGIP version. After you upgrade BIGIP to 12.1.2 and when users connect to VPN through edge client it will automatically perform edge client updates.

Please test in QA environment first because we can avoid any unforeseen issues.