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Is ICA proxy supported with XenDesktop RC6 iApp with APM VE Strongbox license ?

I am creating a lab environment to demonstrate using F5 APM / LTM to replace Citrix Storefront (Web Interface Servers) and load balance XenDesktop XML Broker servers. I am using a 45 day Strongbox VE license for this functionality. In the config utility, there is a statement that the APM license has limited functionality. My understanding is that I am limited to 10 sessions with APM. Is that correct ?

The reason I ask is that although I can present a webtop after authenticating the user against AD, I can not launch the Citrix receiver on the end station.

I want to ensure that this is not a license limitation.


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It is not a license limitation. You are limited to 10 concurrent user sessions with APM Limited, but the ICA proxy functionality is there.

If things are not working, I suggest you turn up VDI debugging by running this command from the CLI:

tmsh modify sys db log.vdi.level value debug

Then try to launch an application and check /var/log/apm for detailed info. If you are not able to figure out the issue from /var/log/apm, please work with your F5 SE to open a support case and upload qkview of the box to iHealth.f5.com