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Jboss Mod_Cluster with LTM?

We have a design question utilizing the Jboss Mod_Cluster with LTM v11.x? We find ourselves looking for a mod_cluster equivelent on the F5 LTM or iRule to replace the need to add a underlying proxy tier to support the mod_cluster design? Is there an F5 solution out there that eliminates the need to introduce that extra mod_cluster tier into our environment to support Jboss? I'm not a Jboss expert but I would think there would be a solution on the F5 to meet the needs of the mod_cluster design? Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Comment made 4 months ago by Rodolphe AUBINEAU 246

Hi Did you deal with your F5/mod_cluster/JBOSS needs ? I am looking for a solution too...

Thanks in advance, Rodolphe


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