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JSON Parsing in ASM

Hi All, In the traffic learning, I am observing lot of new Parameter Name learning suggestions as improper or not parsed.

Example- UserID:46w/lSAPnQfkjenA==

Where UserID is the parameter and 46w/lSAPnQfkjenA== encrypted value of the parameter.

Traffic Learning feature should suggest me to add the parameter “UserID” or add and tweak/loosen the policy.

Unfortunately that is not happening, I am getting Traffic Learning suggestions to add the parameter “UserID:46w/lSAPnQfkjenA==“

I can parse the parameters specific to the pre-configured URLs in the Application Security - URLs - Allowed HTTP URLs associated with the JSON content profile.

But I cannot configure all the URLs and associate it with the JSON profile to parse the parameters.

If I associate the JSON profile to the wildcard URL and wildcard parameter, will it be able to get the Traffic Learning suggestions of new parameters as parsed parameter name ?

Please advise, if you have any other recommendations to get the Traffic Learning Parameter name suggestions with proper parsing.

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Apply a JSON profile by setting the content-type header