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Kill "Setup Wizard" from CLI

Hello guys!

On a fresh install of BIG-IP, when you first log into the GUI you're presented with the "Setup Wizard". I'm setting my BIG-IP up through CLI following KB13369.

Everything worked just fine BUT after I finished the setup through the CLI, on the GUI I'm still getting "Setup Wizard" instead of the normal menus (Statistics, iApp, Local Traffic, etc).

I know I can finish it by clicking on Network --> Finished. I want to kill this setup wizard on the GUI through some CLI command/flag.

Is that possible?

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This seems like a sys global-setting. I took a quick peek and noticed this:

modify sys global-settings


Enables or disables the Setup utility in the browser-based Configuration utility. The default value is enabled. Note that when you configure a system using the command line interface, you should disable this option. Disabling the gui setup option of the system command allows your system administrators to use the browser-based Configuration utility without having to run the Setup Utility.

Might do the trick, but I'm not sure the overall affect this might have. I'd be really sure to double-check your DSC settings if you use this and plan to have a high-availability configuration.

Good luck!


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Comment made 19-Jun-2017 by rafaelbn 151

Kevin, that was exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much. I needed this because some clients takes too long to provide a jump box with GUI capabilities. So we deploy everything from CLI. But when they finally login for the first time through GUI they get this "Setup Wizard" screen and just freakout or worse, they modify some of the configs and break some stuff. Cheers!