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Large file upload to Sharepoint via APM fails for IE

Hi all,

One of our customers is using APM to reach the internal Sharepoint site. This is working fine.

But when uploading large files to Sharepoint, users with IE get the following error after 863743 bytes.

'Can't reach this page'

Any other browser like Firefox is working fine and files of 100MB are no problem.

So we wanted to debug with Fiddler so we have a trace of a working and non-working situation. But with Fiddler enabled, the upload is working normally every time we try. So we can not get a Fiddler trace of a failing upload.

We did some HTTP logging on LTM and we suspect a cookie issue, but we are not sure.

Next step is a tcpdump with ssl dump, but I wanted to ask you if you have ever seen such issue before? And what the solution might be?

Customer is using 12.1.3.



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Comment made 15-Feb-2018 by Martijn 601


We where collecting data to open a case with F5 support and we had to lower the ciphers for SSL dump to work correctly. By lowering the ciphers we also needed to disable the http/2 profile on the virtual server.

After disabling http/2 on the virtual server, the upload is working fine. What could be the case?

Regards, Martijn

Comment made 25-Feb-2018 by boneyard 5579

is the server actually supporting http/2? the issue doesn't occur directly to the server?

extreme test but uploading with IE to another system might be interesting.


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You may find this article useful: https://support.f5.com/csp/article/K25843885. I've had some problems with the POST limit in other conditions that the ones states in the article so it may apply to you as well.

It is weird that is only happening to IE users though.

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Comment made 13-Feb-2018 by Martijn 601


Thanks for the response.

I also looked at a simular article


But customer could not find the mentioned messages in /var/log/apm

I have asked the customer to check /var/log/ltm for the mentioned messages.

But why this only happens with IE and why it works when enabling Fiddler is something I cannot explain.