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LDAP issue post v14.1 upgrade?

We've been using LDAP group lookups for admin login auth against our devices running v12.x - 13.x with no issues, however post v14.1 upgrade this no longer works.

After experimentation we can look up individual accounts but the Remote Role Groups no longer seem to find our users.

Has anyone else encountered similar or do I need to raise a support case?

Example group lookup is:

memberOf=cn=F5 Admin Users,ou=PermissionGroups,ou=AdminGroups,ou=Security,dc=ad,dc=companyname,dc=com

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Comment made 1 month ago by rabid_gerbil 217

I'm running into the same issue.

I have a Lab F5 VE appliance that I am using to test the upgrade of v13.x to v14.1. Prior to the upgrade (v13.x) my Remote Role Group authentication was working appropriately, however, since I upgraded to v14.1 I am no longer able to log in with my LDAP user.

Have you found any possible solutions for this issue?

Comment made 1 month ago by Dan Bowman 210

Many thanks that's worked here as well! Please repost below as answer and I'll mark it as complete for your rep points :)

Comment made 1 month ago by Dan Bowman 210

To add - it appears that our v12/v13 devices had this setting already and the v14 upgrade has set this back to disabled. Should have really spotted this myself when investigating the issue but many thanks RG for your help!


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So I may have just figured this out... In the Authentication section, I enabled "Check Member Attribute in Group" and now I can login successfully with my LDAP user account.

Hopefully this helps you.