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LTM 11.4.1 : pool members with fqdn

Hi all,

Since our customer don't want to upgrade to new version 11.6, we want to use an irule to populate pools members with fqdn instead of IP address. Platform : BIGIP LTM 1.4.1 we started creating an irule with commands : [lindex [RESOLV::lookup $fqdn] 0] to obtain the IP address of the fqdn. can anyone help with the next step after getting the node ip. Is it better to use select_node command or pool command ? have someone succefully implement this irule in 11.4 production environment ?

Thanks for your feedback

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you have an example with "node" here (works when the destination port on the node is the same as on the virtual server): https://devcentral.f5.com/wiki/iRules.RESOLV__lookup.ashx


Hi amolari,

Thanks for your answer. but finally we use the iapp : "Pool Sync from DNS" from codeshare. the issue is that the standby unit also send periodic dns requests and attempt to update the fqdn pool created dynamically by the iapp. so we have periodic sync from standby unit.



Hi All,

finally, using icall script to resolv pool members creation with fqdn on bigip version 11.4.1. regards,

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Comment made 01-Sep-2017 by jitu 175

Hi ,

I have a similar requirement ,my FQDN would be public and traffic will be initiated from internal web server. Could you share me what you have did for 11.4.1 version. much appreciated


Comment made 20-Apr-2018 by rgordon 01 92

hi Jitu,

did you ever get a response back on how to use FQDN for pool members prior to 11.6?


Hey rgordon,

No, I have used IP instead of FQDN for that requirement. This is working expected.