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LTM + APM + iAPP; customize logo on access profile page

Hi, I am trying to customize the logo on the access logon page but it is reverted back to the original F5 logo.

v11.6.1 + HF1
iApp: f5.citrix_vdi.v2.3.0

When changing the logo, the change is not effectuated and remains (reverts back) to the original logo (F5). If I make a similar change, not the logo but to the 'text' it actually works (changing the text size also doesn't seem to be accepted).
I seem to able to change the logo but in order to do so, I need to change the used iApp to 'strict update' disabled, something which I would like to avoid. Making the change and putting the iApp back to 'strict update' enable, also reverts the logo back to the original one (F5). To the best of my knowledge that is default behavior when switching back to 'strict updates' enabled.

The questions i have;
- Can I indeed not make that logo change without changing the iApp to 'strict update' disabled?
- Why can I make the change for the text but not for the logo with 'strict updates' enabled?

Or, am i just simple missing something here?

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Comment made 26-Sep-2016 by Fred Slater

The iApp does not have a logo edit feature. Others have requested it, and it is being considered for a future version.

Comment made 29-Dec-2016 by The-messenger 359

Latching on to this... If I don't configure strict updates and customize my login page (seems to me this would be a requirement for most any environment) Can I turn on strict updates for future updates to the iapp?

Comment made 29-Dec-2016 by Fred Slater

During reconfiguration, the iapp will attempt to restore what it knows, ie. the configuration that it was programmed with, which will not include your custom logo. Chances are that it will be overwritten each time you make an update to the iapp, regardless of whether you have strict-updates enabled or disabled.

Comment made 30-Dec-2016 by Arno Westhuis 1

For the given versions (TMOS and template), it seems to work. I was able to change the logo (strict update disabled / update logo / save / strict update enabled). I haven't had to make a change afterwards so can't tell if the logo will survive a change made to the iapp. I would say 'worth a try'.

Comment made 30-Dec-2016 by The-messenger 359

Thanks Fred, that helps me. I thought, when I deselected strict updates, the iapp would no longer be available for update with a new version. Thanks Westhuis for the confirmation.


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