LTM Connection Table - show client details on server side connection?

Can anyone explain why I can't display the client IP or port on a server-side connection in the connection table? This is pretty limiting in some circumstances, and seems like a huge, obvious gap in the connection table. I can display/search all the other properties of the connection, and I can log the server-side client details with an iRule - why can't I display/search for them in tmsh?

These command should work:
tmsh show sys conn ss-client-addr
tmsh show sys conn ss-client-port

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Apparently someone in PD agrees with you as it works on v11:

# tmsh show sys conn ss-client-port 22
Total records returned: 0

but not on 10.2.3:

# tmsh show sys conn ss-client-port 22
Syntax Error: "ss-client-port" unknown property

If you want details on this or to suggest we backport the change to 10.2.x you could open a case with F5 Support.

(shakes head)

Thanks Hoolio, I don't have a v11 box to validate. I'm happy to hear that gap was filled.
If you want to run an LTM VE on v10 or v11, email me and I'll send you an eval key: aaron at f5 dot com.


tmsh show /sys connection ss-server-addr =can I give here the pattern IP not single IP= .
Basically I want to search two IP Address but not able to give both of them in single command.

I tried the below command ..
tmsh show /sys connection ss-server-addr IP-A || IP-B
But I get result of only IP-A.

Guys... I got it... in anxiety I tried and found the result by hit & trial.
below worked for me to find show two IP or show variable in single command in F5 CLI.

tmsh show /sys connection ss-server-addr IP-A & tmsh show /sys connection ss-server-addr IP-B


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