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When will be iApp for Lync 2013 available? Lync 2013 has been RTM by Microsoft for a while now.


There are few points not available in the Lync 2010. For example with the current template, if I create a Director pool, many ports are missing (TCP:80, 8080, 4443), similarily, the front-end pool created with the template do not map all the required ports (4443 is obviously missing) and extra ports are created.







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Hi Giulio, only ports 443, 444, 5061, and 4443 (if using Reverse Proxy) are required for HLB + Director servers:

The Lync 2010 iApp available here creates all the required ports, including 4443 if you select to deploy Reverse Proxy *and* Director servers:

We expect to release an updated iApp for Lync 2013 soon, but it will not differ significantly from the 2010 version. I have tested 2013 with the 2010 iApp without any issues so far.

Hey Mike,
I am running a pretty large deployment (20+ servers total) of Lync 2010 and I am still running 10.2.2 on those LTMs. We will be making the big jump to 11x around the same time we stand up 2013 Lync. Do you know if there has been any progress with the iApp for 2013? Have you continued to run 2013 using the 2010 iApp without issue?

We were very early adopters of Lync 2010 on the LTMs and we ran into all the issues associated with the early deploy guides on the 10x code--we eventually ditched much of the guide and gutted through developing the configurations manually, service by service. Happily, our manual config efforts mostly match the 2010 guide as it stands today, but the experience has left a bit gun shy. Any and all input is much appreciated.
I have used the 2010 iApp successfully with Lync 2013. The guide has been updated to reflect this. There are a few changes we're going to make to the iApp, but all but one of them are version-agnostic; we will give the option to disable cookie persistence for Lync web services traffic in 2013, since it's not strictly required.

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