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Max length caption in Webtop

Hello. I'm configuring a F5 APM, with several resources: network access, portal access, etc. Some of those resources have got a long caption. Using customization feature in Webui I can write a long caption for a resource. The problem is that when users access to their webtop, the caption of the resource is not shown completely, it is only shown 36 characters, terminating with "...". For example: "Acceso a un recurso compartido d...". Is it possible shown all the entire caption? Where can I modify this limit?. Thank you very much.

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I believe this is not documented (the 36 characters limit) in the customization guide. I would advise to open a support case.



i have the same problem. Did you got a solution?

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Comment made 1 month ago by boneyard 5579

open a support ticket, best place to get clear questions like this answered.