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New SNMP MIB for BIG IP 14.x

We recently updated BIG IP to Our SNMP monitor is now reporting "No such name" when trying to read ltmVsStatusAvailState entries from the ltmVsStatusTable.

My question is whether there is a replacement for this OID and if so, what is it? Is there is newer version of the MIB file? Is there a different/newer method of getting the status, e.g. an API? The version of the F5-BIGIP-LOCAL-MIB we have is 12.1.0.

Note that I am not the administrator of the F5 system, but rather the admin of our monitoring system. The F5 admins have essentially no experience with SNMP, so it is up to me to find a solution.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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Comment made 1 month ago by James Mohr 1

I found a new version of the MIB-file (Version However, I stll have the same problem.


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