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NTP Health Monitor


I've been having a read of past questions from folks wanting to utilise an NTP health monitor. It's a fascinating subject but I do have a number of knowledge gaps to implement a solution.

I'm running version BIG-IP 11.3. The best I could initially do was to run up health monitor using UDP. As it wasn't specifically for NTP, the health check, and I use the term loosely, sends out it's default string, "default send string." It's not surprising that I don't get a response from the pool member and that the Wireshark sniff labels the packet as malformed!

Some of the interesting stuff I have been reading on DevCentral is about a DNS script that can be modified to look like a NTP query and also about a Perl package which I'm presuming relates to Net::NTP on CPAN. Sadly the link to the DNS article was a 404. As for how to utilise Net::NTP once it's been installed on the F5, that's where I have the gaps.

Any pointers would be appreciated from knowledgeable sources.


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Comment made 04-Nov-2014 by The Bhattman 848
Hi Timothy, Have you checked [https://devcentral.f5.com/wiki/AdvDesignConfig.NTP_Monitor.ashx](https://devcentral.f5.com/wiki/AdvDesignConfig.NTP_Monitor.ashx)

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