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Passing Lease Pool address as a RADIUS AVP



I am trying to add an AVP to the RADIUS accounting message sent when APM client log in in orderto store the Lease pool address given to the client.

I have tried using a Variable assign in the APM policy editor but without success.

I have also created a RADUS Virtual Server and bound an IRule to it, I can create a new custom AVP, but LTM has no visibility on the session variables in APM. The RAIDUS VServer in LTM only see a connection coming from the BIG-IP and has no way to match it to an APM session.


Is there a way to insert the Lease Pool IP to a RADIUS accounting request in APM ?


Many thanks, 


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Comment made 12-Aug-2013 by Jason Rahm
are you crafting the radius accounting message after the resource assign?
Comment made 14-Aug-2013 by Deleted 8
thanks for answering, Actually no, until I read your comment I was trying to intercept the RADIUS accounting request by sending it to a RADIUS VServer(instead of the real RADIUS server) and then try to add the missing attributes. Your suggestion sounds like a much better option and I have found an article on how to write an accounting response so it shouldn't be too hard to adapt it and make it an accounting request. thanks.
Comment made 14-Aug-2013 by Deleted 8
Well the session variable storing the pool ip (session.assigned.clientip) appears to always be empty. This behaviour seems to match sol12706: http://support.f5.com/kb/en-us/solutions/public/12000/700/sol12706 However I am running 11.2 so I am not sure if this kb applies as well,

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