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Persistent Vs OneConnect

What are the differences between persistent and oneconnect profiles (both are regarding HTTP keep-alive )? NB. I am not asking about persistence

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I would say that Persistent connections is the technical concept of reusing existing TCP connections towards the back-end server which is also known as TCP Multiplexing.

OneConnect is the technology that the BIG-IP uses to utilize Persistent connections. If F5 has added additional features that goes outside of the scope of persistent connections I'm not sure of. But based on these articles it does not seem like it:

Persistent and Persistence, What's the Difference?

K7208: Overview of the OneConnect profile

So I would say the difference is:

Persistent Connections = Technical Concept

OneConnect = Technical Feature used by the BIG-IP to utilize Persistent Connections.

I hope this helps!

Let me know if you have any further questions! :)

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Comment made 1 month ago by Philip Jonsson 1094

I agree, there are no clear connection between Persistent Connections and OneConnect in terms of naming standards, but when comparing OneConnect to how the concept of Persistent Connections work, it's the same.

The video and article created by Jason Rahm is also great to watch/read. It has data from Wireshark, explaining how the BIG-IP operates with OneConnect. That is also a great resource. :)

Lightboard Lessons: OneConnect

What is HTTP Part VII - OneConnect

Glad I could help out. :)

Comment made 1 month ago by marwansobhy 1

Thanks Philip, i found the answer in one of F5 training books.

you are right in your answers

oneConnect will add some enhancements in persistent like

1- to set the time for the connection to be idle

2- the maximum number of connection with idle satus

3- how to use the keep-alive connection with different clients and so on.

thanks again

Comment made 1 month ago by Philip Jonsson 1094


That is correct, there are some settings that can be made to the OneConnect profile that defines how it operates. Glad you managed to find some concrete information about it.

It was my pleasure and I'm glad I could help out. :)