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Please tell me how to use radius configuration with SOL15517

Hi Guys.

I would like to use radius authentication with using SOL15517. However online manual provided F5 has discribed as follows.


Guidelines for setting up RADIUS authentication for AAA high availability In a high availability environment where the Use Pool option is used, the floating self IP address is used as a source IP of the RADIUS packet reaching the back-end.

For this scenario, you need to add one self IP address (which is floating self IP address) to the RADIUS allowed IP list because the IP address is used even after a failover occurs.


We need to use specific source ip-address to radius server. However my access-policy using radius pool associated the vip didn't use the radius server with layered vip and snat pool. It looks like the solution hasn't been needed. If someone knows detail about SOL15517. Could you please tell me how to use the solution or sample configuration?

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Comment made 08-Jul-2015 by boneyard 5579
could you explain your situation / question a bit clearer? do you just want to know more about SOL15517 or do you have a situation which doesn't work now? from what i see you write you found another solution right?

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