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port 0 vip forward to pool based on port number with traffic policy

Hello folks, I have a port 0 (any) standard vip with 17 different pools based on port number. Trying to do a traffic policy and match that if ip:port matches a particular port (say 8803) it will forward to pool_8803.

Using the following.. TCP port is equal to any of 8003 at request Forward traffic to pool pool_8803 at request

Does not seem to work when I do a simple curl. If I put the pool_8803 as the pool member It works and I get method not allowed message which is expected. Counter doesn't increment in traffic policy either. I was able to make this work using an irule with a switch -glob statement but we are trying to use policies vs irules.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. BTW. I also tried using at client accepted vs request to no avail.

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The best configuration is still to create as many ritual server as is listening port in your scenario!

If you want to add a condition based on local port (means destination port in client side event), change at request with at client accepted... it won’t evaluate the rule for each request in the same connection!

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Comment made 2 weeks ago by jvernetti68 2

Thanks for the reply.. I tried at client accepted and it is not triggering the rule either.