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publish Exchange 2016

Hello, I am an exchange Admin not a F5 or networking guy.

We are in the process of migrating exchange 2010 to 2016. Exchange 2010 was using Windows NLB and published using TMG. For exchange 2016 we are planning to use F5. Our network team has configured F5 to load balance internal outlook connections using F5 iApp template. I can connect to exchange 2016 test mailboxes and exchange 2010 mailboxes by changing local host entry pointing to F5 VIP.. But I am facing issue in publishing exchange 2016 for external access using F5. As per the team responsible F5 for external access, they are not using APM. they directly published the internal f5 vip to the external(internet). OWA is working for new and old exchange. but outlook is working only for exchange 2016. we are facing problem in connecting old exchange 2010 mailboxes from external using this scenario.

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Comment made 1 month ago by Thomas 2

1) Is this best/recommended way of publishing exchange 2016/2010 in co-exitance using F5 for external ?

2) As per external network team, they are using firewall module in f5. what do the do to publish exchange ? 3) Is there a F5 document to publish exchange for external access ?

4)can they publish infernal F5 VIP directly ? or they have to do NATing with external IP ? or publish internal exchange servers directly using external F5 in DMZ ?

Can some one advise the recommended F5 method in such scenario.( F5 internal and F5 external.)

so that I can ask our network to look into it and implement the same. kindly note that we running in exchange in hybrid mode with office 365. we need our internal exchange servers to connect to office 365 servers also using F5.


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