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I am using the RADIUS Iapp with 2 Cisco ACS 5.3 appliances.
I am running a Big IP  3090 on 11.2
The RADIUS authentication monitor is working OK. But the accounting monitor is failing.
Looking at the monitor debug it seems that the RADIUS server never responds to the f5.
The RADIUS server shows the following error messages.

11014 RADIUS packet contains invalid attribute(s)

And in the detail

Device Port=40711 
DetailedInfo=AcctSessionId is missing 
Response={RadiusPacketType=Drop; } 
Device IP Address=x.x.x.x

So it seems that the accountsessionid is not being sent by the f5.
Has anyone managed to get this to work Cisco ACS 5.3?

Appreciate any help\advice



1 Answer(s):

This appears to be a problem in the radius-accounting monitor, which this template applies. I have opened a bug on the problem. I don't know that I can think of a workaround for this, since the monitor itself seems to be the problem. I will update this when I get some further information back from the developers.

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