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Radius iApp node showing offline for Radius reponses

Radius iApp issue with virtual server, pool, and pool member all showing offline when trying to access NPS on Windows Server 2008R2. What is the approach for a resolution? As the NPS server is currently in production. The NAS server has no problems with a ping response.

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Comment made 11-Nov-2016 by Fred Slater

Pool members show offline when the pool monitor fails. If your pool was built by the f5.radius iapp, then it is using an LTM radius monitor, which you can read more about here.. Assuming that the iapp is configured with the correct service port and auth settings, the next step would be to look in your server logs to find out why the monitor requests are being rejected. If you find that the iapp does not support the required monitor configuration (it does not support VSA's for example), then you can build a monitor separately, and attach it to the iapp using the dropdown menu with the title, "Create a new health monitor or use and existing one?"


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