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Rewrite Profile for broken App


Got a little bit broken application provided by one of our clients that I need to expose.

Basic problem is that detects locale from browser and matching URI for it ex: /i18n/original/en-GB/general.json

I know this does not work for en-FR language so this URI is not correct. Can somebody help me with developing Rewrite Policy that will: * If somebody will ask for something in /i18n/original/en-FR/ (starting with) this will be rewritten to en-US * Not expert ist that response/request rewrite but all what I want is when my app ask for this I want to return something after search and replace this en-FR to en-US. Because this is always there.

Was also told using Rewrite profiles is better than iRules - this is why trying to figure it out.

THanks Dariusz

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