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Setup GTM as a DNS relay and cache


I am trying to setup GTM 11.5.4 as a DNS relay and cache only meaning all DNS queries go through the GTM and are forwarded to our DNS servers. Have anyone managed to do this ? Is this possible using GTM only (without LTM) ? All guides on F5 page seems to be incomplete or contain contradictory information.

Thanks a lot

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The short answer is Yes. You can do it with only BIG-IP GTM/DNS.

Just create your Listener, your DNS Profile and your Pool with SNAT in order to Load balance DNS queries to your DNS servers. Also, you can add to your DNS profile a Transparent Cache profile to speed up your resolution with your BIG-IP.

Furthermore, you can configure DNS Express in order to resolve DNS queries faster on behalf your Master/Primary DNS Servers.

BIG-IP GTM use the internal TMOS/LTM core features in order to do your DNS Load Balancing and DNS caching. Without a LTM license/provisioning. So this could lead to a misunderstanding.

More information:

Manual Chapter: Placing BIG-IP GTM in front of a Pool of DNS Servers

BIG-IP GTM 11.5.4 Knowledge Center

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Comment made 01-Jun-2017 by wwojcik 2

I saw this guide and it didn't work for me at all - no queries have been forwarded to our DNS servers. To make this work I had to setup a resolver cache - that worked. Is that normal or did I miss something ?