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Simple Questions form a Newbie...

1) We want to cache very specific paths on our site, mainly for static content. If we wanted to cache everything under say http://example.com/pdfs, would we just add ‘/pdfs/*’ to the URI Include list?

2) If we do this, are we sure that it would NOT be caching http://example.com/ (root path) or even something like http://example.com/foo?

3) Is there a way to view cache contents – as in, what files it is actually caching?

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You could use the BIG-IP AAM for an Advanced Dynamic Caching solution. Or you could use BIG-IP LTM RAM Cache for static content.

Some details of BIG-IP LTM RAM Cache

Cacheable content

You can configure the BIG-IP cache feature to cache the following content types:

  • 200, 203, 300, 301, and 410 HTTP responses
  • Responses to HTTP GET requests
  • Other HTTP methods for URIs specified for inclusion in cached content, or specified in an iRule
  • Content based on the User-Agent and Accept-Encoding values. The cache feature holds different content for Vary headers.

Non-cacheable content

The cache feature does not cache the following items:

  • Data specified by the following Cache-Control headers: private, no-store, no-cache
  • Action-oriented HTTP methods such as HEAD, PUT, DELETE, TRACE, and CONNECT

More information:

Understanding RAM Caching

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