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Single iApps, two traffic-groups

Is it possible to create multiple virtual-addresses on differents traffic-groups using iApps?

I have two traffic-groups, and I want to create a virtual-server on each.

  • VS_A -> VIP_A -> TG_A
  • VS_B -> VIP_B -> TG_B

With a single iApp. Do you know if it is possible and how to do that ?

Best regards,

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Seems to work. Most things that are possible with TMSH are possible with iApps.

tmsh::create cm traffic-group /Common/TG_A
tmsh::create cm traffic-group /Common/TG_B

tmsh::create ltm virtual-address traffic-group TG_A
tmsh::create ltm virtual-address traffic-group TG_B

tmsh::create ltm virtual VS_A destination
tmsh::create ltm virtual VS_A destination
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Comment made 12-Dec-2016 by Sébastien B. 69


Thank you for your response.

The problem is that creating a virtual-address using iApp, traffic-group argument is never taken into account.

I created an iApp with your example. After the first run, is in traffic-group-cbv, not in TG_A.

The iApp template : Image Text

The Application Service : Image Text

The result : Image Text

Is it possible to ignore the traffic-group setting on the second screenshot?


Comment made 12-Dec-2016 by Fred Slater

After a little more research, it appears that this is intentional. The iApp itself (sys application service) has a traffic-group property, and all objects owned by the iApp are required to belong to the same traffic group. Attempting to change the traffic-group of one of the objects results in an error such as "can not be modified because it is in use by application (/Common/test.app/test) that does not have a matching traffic group." Furthermore, in my example from above, setting the iApp's traffic-group automatically changes the traffic group of both virtual-addresses.