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SIP proxy stateless or stateful question

Currently we are running SIP dispatcher (kamailio) stateless for SIP load-load balancing and we are planning to replace it with BIG-IP F5 load-balancer now question is how does F5 use stateful or stateless transaction because we have very high volume SIP traffic and i don't want to overload F5 with sip transactions, all i want it just route SIP messages and forget about it, don't track of transaction. any idea?

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Comment made 19-May-2017 by Nazir 250

Hi Satish,

F5 does not maintain any SIP transactions (F5 is stateless). F5 can maintain persistence or stickyness to send all subsequent request with same call-id to same proxy server.


Syed Nazir

Comment made 19-May-2017 by satish.txt 311

Thanks for you reply! We have very high volume sip traffic so I was worried if it hold transaction or dialogs in memory then it will be big problem in F5


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Regarding SIP traffic management capabilities:

New in 11.6.0

High performance SIP proxy

In this release, you can use the BIG-IP system as a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) proxy. When the BIG-IP system is placed between your SIP routers, session border controllers, and soft switches, you can configure the system to route and load balance SIP messages across the servers on your SIP network.

New in 12.1.0

Mirroring in Message Routing Framework

The Local Traffic Message Routing Diameter Router and SIP Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Router profiles now support mirroring functionality.

SIP firewall functionality

You can now use the BIG-IP system Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) message routing functionality in a firewall configuration, providing stateful handling of SIP communication and media flows. You configure a Local Traffic message routing SIP profile, router profile, and virtual server, and then use that configuration with an Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM) DoS profile. In this firewall configuration, the SIP session profile, SIP router profile, and virtual server use Application Level Gateway (ALG) functionality.

New in 13.0.0

SIP and Diameter Connection Auto-Initialization

Enhanced Message Routing to allow SIP and Diameter protocols to auto-initialize connections to remote servers. This feature will lower the latency for handling initial messages because connections will be generated immediately after being configured rather than after the first message has been received.

SIP Configuration Options (Always you can extend this with iRules):

SIP Profile

Image Text

SIP Persistance Profile

Image Text

SIP Message Routing Profile

Image Text

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Comment made 19-May-2017 by satish.txt 311

Great details, I have few more question which I come back as I review more scenarios.