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Software Upgrade Process (Viprion & vCMP)


I have one Basic query. In Client network, we have Viprion (model 2400) with 2 Blade (model 2150). On each viprion , there are 5 vCMP created on both blades. We need to upgrade the IOS/Software from 11.x to latest version.

My Query is

Do we need to upgrade viprion only ? in this case all the vCMP gets upgrades? or

Do we need to upgrade individual vCMP on viprion ? or

Do we need to upgrade module/Blade wise ?

thanks in advance.

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You need to upgrade both Viprion chesis n vcmp guest also. F5 v11.3 onwards you can directly upgrade guest n later update Viprion chesis.

I will recommend you to 1st upgrade Viprion chesis then vcmp guest because in Viprion chesis you need to re- licence Viprion before upgrade guest.

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Comment made 15-Mar-2017 by snl 526

I am having similar requirement for upgrade the F5 5250V ( ACTIVE/STANDBY)

is it better to upgrade the host first then guest , what is the best practice here

any advise appreciated

Comment made 15-Mar-2017 by Samir Jha 2944

It's up to you but F5 recommedation is to upgrade 1st host then guest.

Comment made 07-Jul-2017 by SP_SINGH 59

Thanks you for your advice and recommendation.

Comment made 10-Jul-2017 by SP_SINGH 59

Can anyone tell me , while re-activating the VIPRION (due to service date and License date issue), do I need to use the same registration key or need new key from F5 ?

Comment made 10-Jul-2017 by Samir Jha 2944

Same registration key will be used. After reactivate license service date will change.

Comment made 28-Jul-2017 by Piotr Lewandowski 1162


One note about reactivating vHost license (from https://support.f5.com/csp/article/K15930):

Important: Reactivating the vCMP host license will result in a temporary traffic interruption on the guest systems while the license is reactivated on the host system.

I have as well one question. In the same article there is such statement:

Before upgrading a host system, you should gracefully shut down the guests by setting the requested state to Configured.

Is that only way? What is difference between doing shutdown -h now on vGuest and changing state to Configured?


Comment made 20-Jul-2018 by keithhubb


Sorry, this is such a late response, but it may be useful for others. When you use the shutdown command on a Viprion, the vCMP guest will shutdown on the blade you are logged into. If the vCMP guest spans multiple blades the others will remain up.

To use the shutdown command for the entire cluster use "#clsh shutdown -h now". The "clsh" command sends the command through the vCMP guest cluster IP, which sends it to each blade. Although, this may leave the guest in the 'Deployed' state on the vCMP host. You may still need to set it to Configured or Provisioned and back to Deployed to restart it.

The best way to gracefully shutdown a vCMP guest, as mentioned above, is to set it to the Configured state. Setting the vCMP guest to the Provisioned state also performs a graceful shutdown. The difference between the two is that, in the Configured state the host de-allocates system resources (CPU, memory, etc..), the virtual disk which remains provisioned in either state.

The following articles provide further reference on the upgrade process: