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Source_add Persistence Failed

Hi all, I have configured a website (01 Virtual server A on F5 with 03 pool member: B1, B2, B3) has features: when client has IP_addr C connect to website A. In the first time, if IP_addr C loadbalancing to pool B1, the next request of IP_addr C need to be routed to B1 pool too.

Althouth I had configured Persistence profile is: Source_addr. And i also increase the Timeout in persistence profile to 1800s (default is: 180s), the session is still logged out after about 4 minutes (refresh page). I checked on log and saw that the IP_add C has already routed to B2 pool

How can i fix it, how can keep IP_add C on the same pool in a session? Thanks in advanced

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Comment made 1 month ago by crodriguez

It would help if you can provide the configuration for the VIP, pool, and persistence profile, as well as the source for whatever you're using to direct the traffic by IP address (an iRule perhaps?). Also, please connect to the VIP and show whatever persistence records are created. (You can do this from the command line via tmsh.)

Comment made 1 month ago by themyth 116

Tks you, the problem is just fixed by ajust the idle time out in source_addr persisten profiles


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