SSL certificates: How to create a SSL certificate in PEM format


I am  new in the F5 world, so excuse some basic questions.

1- How do I create a SSL certificate in PEM format.  I have access to the F5 manual but I do not see the steps necessary to create a certificate in this format.
2- Since I will be creating this certificate in F5-A ( I have 2) and sending to CA, how do I import the certificate to the second machine (F5-B)?

Thanks for help


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I am also facing similar problem. I got P7B certificate and tried to convert to PEM via openssl command. Unfortunately it didnt work and Certificate provider converted the file and shared 4 PEM files now.

Please, could you help me how to upload 4 certifcate (I know we can do this from SSL Certifcate --->Import tab, but which one to map with Client SSL profile ), is there a seperate procedure to do this.

Thanks in advance buddies.


This is resolved for me !!!

1. I can't remember what format the cert is actually created in - what did it say in the manual? I'm fairly certain it was PEM.
2. After you've created the key on F5-A, sent it to the CA, and imported the fullfillment, you'll now have a cert/key combo on F5-A. If you simply click on a key or cert, you'll see an option to export. You can export the key/cert in text or file format. On F5-B, you simply have to do an "import" instead and paste/upload the content you exported from F5-A. You'll have to export both the key and the cert from F5-A to F5-B

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