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SSL VPN iOS 12 connection error


After a while I wanted to start to use the F5 VPN again on the iPhone. I'm 100% sure that the policy is not changed since last time, when I was using the F5-App on the iOS10.x-11.x Now I'm ending up with the following errors on the client/server side:

On the iPhone (PacketTunnel.log):

2019-01-12,18:57:53:263, 5332,13835,PacketTunnel, 48, PacketTunnelProvider.swift, 503, startTunnel(options:completionHandler:), Session has been established (Session ID: cbbdf673)
2019-01-12,18:57:53:537, 5332,14855,PacketTunnel, 48, PacketTunnelProvider.swift, 510, startTunnel(options:completionHandler:), Network parameters have been received
2019-01-12,18:57:53:737, 5332,14855,PacketTunnel, 1, PacketTunnelProvider.swift, 1058, establishTunnel(_:completionHandler:isReconnecting:), Tunnel connection fails: Error Domain=F5ChannelError Code=0 "" UserInfo={F5ChannelErrorCode=0, NSLocalizedDescription=}
2019-01-12,18:57:53:740, 5332,14855,PacketTunnel, 48, SessionManager.swift, 346, logout(_:completionHandler:), Start session logout request hangup code: (4) (Session ID: cbbdf673)
2019-01-12,18:57:53:880, 5332,7951,PacketTunnel, 48, SessionManager.swift, 399, logout(_:completionHandler:), Finished session logout request with hangup code (4) (Session ID: cbbdf673)

And on the F5 APM logging:

<pre>`Jan 12 18:57:56 bigip1 notice tmm[14712]: 01490567:5: /Common/SSL:Common:cbbdf673: Session deleted (network_error, code - 4).

I'm running BIG-IP 12.0.0 Build 1.0.628 Hotfix HF1

Any help is really appreciated!!

Edit1: From windows machine it is working, no problems there.

Edit2: Just updated to BIG-IP Build 0.0.2 Point Release 7, same errors.

Edit3: Got my hands on a Ipad with ios11, working perfect

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