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SSO into an APM session

Is it possible to SSO into an APM session?

My use case is this: We have an intranet set based off of Atlassian Confluence, which authenticates to Atlassian Crowd. Crowd will then pull in the user directory from LDAP. We would like to create a "SSO" portal for our users where they can go and click on any of their applications to be automatically signed into them. I am good with how to set up and configure the SSO portal itself, but the challenge I am trying to solve and having trouble with, is if I have an authenticated user already signed into Confluence, how can I put a link on Confluence, or an iFrame, such that when clicked on it will automatically sign in the user to the SSO/APM portal.

To the best of my knowledge, Confluence interfaces with Crowd via HTTP auth and hands back the user client a cookie. I am not 100% certain on that yet though. Im mostly interested in my options for allowing a user to SSO into an APM with credentials that have already been challenged by Confluence/Crowd and how that looks.

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Comment made 20-Jun-2017 by Daniel Varela 701

If you have username and password the you can sign in by send them into a authoritazion basic header to your apm virtual server. In that virtual server you need an rule like:

when HTTP_REQUEST { HTTP::header insert "clientless-mode" 1 }

Clientless mode will not redirect you to the logon page and it will try to authenticate you by using the credentials you put in the authenticate header. You can find more information about in the APM operation guide.


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