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SSRS 2008 behind load balancer

We're trying to setup SSRS 2008 in a scaled out deployement for MS Dynamics behind an F5 load balancer.

opening the reporting pages from Dynamicss when pointing directly to the SSRS Server url's works fine but when trying to connect via the F5 setup URL we're getting errors.

Is there anything specific that needs to be configured on the F5 or in the SSRS servers?


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I have very recently figured this out. However, it was done with SSRS 2012... nonetheless, likely the same.

F5 VIP HTTPS with HTTP 2 nodes in pool.

Installed SSRS as Files-Only installation

Configured the SSRS Web servers for "Scale-Out Deployment"

Configured the View State Validation in the ReportManger web.config file and the ReportServer web.config file such that the value was the same on all servers in the scale out deployment.

In the RSReportServer.config file in Reporting Services folder, Add the FQDN-HERE.COM tag in the tag along with the https://FQDN-HERE.com in the same section.

Note the tag names Are CaSe SenSiTive.

go into the Reporting Services Configuration Utility and set the ReportServer and Report Manger URL's to only be HTTP://FQDN.COM and do not include the IP Address option. That is because the link in the SSRS web site for the Report Builder will always use the IP Address (which would be internal) because it puts the addresses in alphabetical order (numbers first). This of course breeds a new issue with F5 LTM Monitors not working. there is a way to change the URL ordering by editing the rsreportserver.config file directly, but anytime you run the wizard it will reorder them and cause your ReportBuilder button to use the internal IP in its link.

You will need to setup both the HTTPS and HTTP VIP on F5. The HTTP VIP will need a SSL Redirect iRule. This is because the ReportBuilder link will be http://URL and not HTTPS ... as the HTTPS would cause additional issues unless you require SSL on the internal network.

Ex. SSL Redirect iRule
HTTP::redirect https://[getfield [HTTP::host] ":" 1][HTTP::uri]

We also had to put a HOSTS file entry for the FQDN to point to its self IP address of its SSRS web site to address some apparent internal communication the inetsrv service is performing.

Ensure ICMP is enabled on the Windows Firewall so that F5 doesn't mark the IP node down ( File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request - ICMPv4-In))

Ensure Port 80 and/or 443 is open on the Windows Firewall as well
netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="SSRSWebHTTP" protocol=tcp localport=80 dir=in action=allow
netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="SSRSWebHTTPS" protocol=tcp localport=443 dir=in action=allow

We actually implemented customized Forms Based Authentication for SSRS so our config is even more complex, but works very well.

if you need more help ryan at millerits dot com