StrongBox license disables root account?


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This week I had to prepare a Big IP for a test. This is a Strongbox appliance (big ip 3900). I put the Strongbox license on it. After upgrade and installing of the license I was unable to connect to the device via the root account.

Now I'm trying to use virtual editions (strongbox) with license and I have the same weird problem.

Does anybody know why this is happing.

I also tried resetting the root account password by rebooting the VE in single user mode and changing the password, then rebooting, nothing changes.


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The strongbox license shouldn't disable root access, but having the 'appliance mode' license token enabled would.

sol12815: Overview of Appliance mode

You should be able to generate a strongbox license without appliance mode to avoid this issue.


I got exactly the same issue. I generated a couple of licenses and in particular unticked the Appliance mode, but results were all the same. No bash shell access. Any idea?

odd, running 2000 strongbox and can login with root fine.


My strongbox is disabling the root access, though while generating license I didn't select App Mode (TMSH Only, No Root/Bash).

how can I enable root access?

11.5.1 BigIP 4200 strongbox.

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I'm having same issue with a 4000 Strongbox unit. I didn't select any App Mode when I generate the license. How can I disable App Mode, in order to be able to access using root user.?


Katherine Villalobos

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