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submitFrm, ASM

Dear All,

I work with Dos Profile and ASM profile, in block mode on my website.

I have a problem with java script on my website, I get the following message when I click the area with js "_loanportlet_WAR_loanportlet_submitFrm is not defined" in the console.

It is probably the ASM module because when I tested it on my test environment (what it is not in ASM module), it worked well.

Any idea, pls? it is very urgent problem for me...thanks :)

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Answers to this Question


Depending on the options you have selected ASM does inject javascript into your page. You may be able to code around this (work with your web developers), but in the short run you may need to disable these features, or possibly disable ASM, in order to get your page to function while using the BigIP.

CSRF protection and web scraping protection are two examples of features that use Javascript.

F5 support should be able to help you identify the features that are causing you problems and recommend a course of action.