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TCP iApp bug in AWS?

I experienced an issue with the latest version of the TCP iApp when creating virtual servers in AWS. When configuring the iApp to create virtual servers for usage in multiple AWS Availability Zones, the latest version, f5.tcp.v1.0.0rc4, creates one virtual server with a redundant name and the destination IP intended for the VS specified as part of another AZ. When using an earlier version, f5.tcp.v1.0.0rc2, the iApp creates two different virtual servers that are majorly identical except for the destination IP address differing. Is this a known bug or am I somehow configuring the iApp incorrectly?

f5.tcp.v1.0.0rc4: Image Text Image Text

f5.tcp.v1.0.0rc2: Image Text Image Text

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Hi Rico, I found the issue with RC4. If you don't need any of the following features, you can continue using RC2. Otherwise, let me know and I can provide the one-line change to make to correct this.

Features and Configuration Changes in RC4:

  • None in this maintenance release.

Issues resolved

  • Corrected an issue where the iApp would fail if using a non-default Route Domain.

Features and Configuration Changes in RC3:

  • Updated this iApp with new BIG-IP AFM IP Intelligence threat categories to support BIG-IP v13.1.

  • Added support for route domain 0 from non-Common partitions.