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The VLAN cannot be deleted because it is in use by a Vcmp (we have deleted the vCMP)

We are consolidating down from 4 vCMP guests to a single host (no guests) on our Viprion 2400 appliance. We have de-provisioned our vCMP guests and the vCMP module on the Viprion. We now need to remove VLANs configured on the host that were previously used by the vCMP guests. However, we are receiving the following message when attempting to delete the VLANs. 01070265:3: The VLAN (/Common/DC_VLAN370) cannot be deleted because it is in use by a Vcmp (vCMP_Intb).

Any suggestions for getting around this, short of rebuilding the appliance?

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Did you already try a "tmsh modify vcmp guest vCMP_lntb assigned-vlans none“ prior to the deletion attempt?

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Comment made 26-Aug-2015 by Kyle Baldwin 1
No, unfortunately I'm guessing that is where we went wrong. We probably should have removed any host dependencies from the vCMP guests prior to removing the vCMP.
Comment made 26-Aug-2015 by tatmotiv 1021
I meant you should try it now, after the deprovisioning of vcmp. There still seem to be some relics of vcmp on your system and although you cannot access those via web interface since the menu parts are missing, you might have a chance via tmsh. try also looking at the config files to see which elements of vcmp guests are still present on your system. The vcmp guest definitions are included in /config/bigip.conf. If you are not successful in removing the vlans/guests via tmsh, you could also try to copy bigip.conf, remove the vcmp guest definitions from the copy and do a "load sys config file filename_of_copy" (use with caution!).