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This license has already been activated on a different unit. Please contact technical support for assistance

I'm researching the BigIP LTM for a new job I just landed. I had previously activated the BigIP 11.x LTM VE Trial Edition. However, I had had an issue with trying to get it to run with VMWare Player. Thinking I may have configured something wrong, I removed the VM from my system and tried afresh. However, I didn't think about its already having been activated. Now, the site will not let me re-activate (on same device as I originally did). I had originally activated it on 30 Dec of 2013, so I do have a little bit more time left of the trial. Any help offered would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi Chris,

There's really not an easy way around this one. You basically have three options:

  1. Call technical support, and explain the situation. They might clear the activation for you.

  2. Simply request another trial. https://www.f5.com/trial/

  3. Buy a 10 Mbit VE license, we made it $100 recently. A quick google search showed that CDW is selling it directly. http://www.cdw.com/shop/products/BIG-IP-Virtual-Edition-license/2527863.aspx

Best of luck :)