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I'm trying to upgrade LTM 3600 from 10.2.4 to 11.3.0 using tmsh, but it fails:
[root@f5-2:Standby] images # tmsh
root@f5-2(Standby)(tmos)# show sys software status
Sys::Software Status
Volume  Product  Version  Build  Active    Status
CF1.1      none     none   none      no  complete
CF1.2      none     none   none      no  complete
HD1.1    BIG-IP   10.2.4  732.0     yes  complete
HD1.2    BIG-IP   10.2.4  577.0      no  complete
root@f5-2(Standby)(tmos)# install sys software image BIGIP- volume HD1.2
root@f5-2(Standby)(tmos)# show sys software status
Sys::Software Status
Volume  Product  Version   Build  Active                                   Status
CF1.1      none     none    none      no                                 complete
CF1.2      none     none    none      no                                 complete
HD1.1    BIG-IP   10.2.4   732.0     yes                                 complete
HD1.2    BIG-IP   11.3.0  2806.0      no  failed (Can't find requested disk HD1.)
ISO image is in place and md5 checksum is ok.
[root@f5-2:Standby] images # ls -la BIGIP-
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1379663872 Jan 17 11:01 BIGIP-
[root@f5-2:Standby] images # md5sum BIGIP-
2e44d68102d3aeaae2b2cc52be5743b8  BIGIP-
[root@f5-2:Standby] images # cat BIGIP- 
2e44d68102d3aeaae2b2cc52be5743b8  BIGIP-
[root@f5-2:Standby] images # 
Am I doing something wrong?
I did't try to upgrade using web ui, because at the moment I'm ~10000 km away from f5 box with no so fast Internet link and uploading 1.3 GB ISO image would take ages. :)
I'm stuck with this and I would appreciate if someone could help with this puzzle.

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From a quick glance it looks ok. What about if you delete volume 1.2 and then try running the command? It should create a new volume at the same time as installing the software.

Hope this helps,

thank you for reply.
I've already tried to delete volume HD1.2 and create new one and it didn't help.

Any more info in this file - /var/log/liveinstall.log

What about if you try using the create-volume switch (if HD1.2 doesn't exist) : tmsh install sys software image create-volume volume



that looks like incomplete command. First I got compains about image, so I added ISO image name:

tmsh install sys software image BIGIP- create-volume volume HD1.2

but then it complains about "create-volume" switch, like it's not valid switch.

Have you ever upgrade to 11.3.0? I have problem with that version only. Just tried to install 10.2.4 on same volume (HD1.2) and it installs without any problem, so it has to be something with 11.3.0.




I've solved it. It looks like something was wrong with volumes, so I formated disk and installed fresh 10.2.4:

image2disk --format=volumes BIGIP-

After that

tmsh install sys software image BIGIP- volume HD1.2


Thanks for help!

Great news - thanks for letting us know

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