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TPS monitoring on F5

Hy to all, could you give me the best references to monitor the TPS on F5? What I should do to perform this activity? Which are the steps that I must follow?

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First look in Statistics menu, you will see multiple metrics shown there, both in the module statistics and performance reports (using v14.1.0 as a reference for the names).
That is because I not sure what you will consider a transaction in the F5.

After knowing what value you are looking for, you can get that via GUI as you found out already, via CLI, API (iControl REST/SOAP).
It all depends if you want to see in the F5 itself, or integrate with another tool. You could also monitor via SNMP, or send SNMP traps out.

There are many options, all depends on how you want to see that.

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Comment made 4 weeks ago by Mattews 67

I will use sevone as monitoring system linked to the F5, I need to know if i must do something on F5 side to monitoring TPS, in addition I need to know how much TPS are supported by the balancer based on the licenses, where I can find this info ?

Thanks for the support

Comment made 4 weeks ago by Hamish 3379

You mean SSL TPS's? The connects/second can be calculated from the number of connections to the VS's.

In fact there's some cacti templates floating around from a few years back that show this. Or I can dig up some perl scripts if you like.

Comment made 4 weeks ago by Mattews 67

Yes i mean Transactions per second, i need to know if there is a way to monitor a F5 LB through sevone that give me a completed report about the traffic, all in one doc

Comment made 4 weeks ago by Hamish 3379

BigIP makes the stats (counters) available via SNMP, REST and iControl (SOAP).

If you need specific sevone help, you may need to enquire of their support.