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Trying to delete iApp



I'm trying to delete an iApp that I created. Everytime, it tells me that it cannot be deleted because it is not empty...

I tried removing each component and I still have this error.

Is there a way to remove it?



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Can you post the full error message please?
010713f9:3 The Folder x cannot be deleted because it is not empty
OK and is the folder empty?
I'm trying to find the folder, but I don't find it :(
Was the iApp associated with a custom administrative partition, traffic group or device group?
It is associate to an administrative partition
OK, I'm stabbing in the dark a bit here but was the AP just for this iApp? Can it be deleted?

Can you look through the device configuration at the command line/CLI and check there's nothing else associated with the iApp in the config files?
Hi Sylvain,

I would search your configuration file for any remaining items from your iApp and delete those items. Remember to make a copy of your configuration file prior to making changes in case you need to restore. Their are a few free SCP utilities out their, including winscp, if you happen to be using windows. The file you will need to edit is bigip_conf and is located in /config/.

You can also use grep at the cli to make sure all your iApp objects have been removed. Something like tmsh list sys recursive | grep "iApp" where iApp is the name of your iApp.

Hi I have the same issues as well.

I have vim /config/bigip.conf and remove all the relate /Common/iapp.app/ configuration and redo a "tmsh load sys config verify" however, it failed. I also need to remove iapp.app configuration in /config/bigip_base.conf to make it work

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