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Updated Citrix iApp (f5.citrix_vdi.v1.1.0rc1) posted

Our latest Citrix iApp (f5.citrix_vdi.v1.1.0rc1) and accompanying deployment guide has just been posted onto Devcentral - iApp and Deployment Guide


Here is a rundown of added configuration support and fixes:

 *Added Storefront configuration support
 *Added multi stream support when using none proxy configuration
 *Added two factor authentication using SecurID and Active Directory
 *Added Smart Card authentication support for Web Interface Server configurations
 *Modified Active Directory Profiles to use HA Pools 
 *Added LDAP monitor for Active Directory Pool
 *Added PNAgent Data groups required to support PNAgents and Mobile clients
 *Multi Farm support added to Dynamic Webtop configurations
 *Client initiated single sign on configuration added to Web Interface Server configurations
 *Modified recommended WAN profile to better optimize ICA traffic for lossy networks




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Comment made 16-Aug-2013 by DaytonG 134
It looks as if the certificate chain is not being properly inserted into the client SSL profile when using this template. I had to take of "strict updates" and update the profile manually. Cheers!

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