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Upgrading 11.5.1 to

Upgraded the standby unit, no problem. Then the two units were in a disconnected state and it won't let me fail over to the standby due to a software mismatch. How can I get the standby to active so I can upgrade the first unit? Surely there is a way to force the standby into active?

Thanks all!

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Ah! Many configuration changes has added between V11.x to V13.x. Hope you have gone through release notes. If not, no worries.

Options 1(Not Recommended)- Make Active unit out of device sync group, So both will become Active-Active. In that case easily you can make one unit offline and install image & hotfix(v13.x) and later add in device group. But its tedious process and outage time will more then expected.

Option 2(Better Approach)--> Go to 11.x to 12.x in different partition and validate the configuration(i.e Virtual, Pool, Interface, Memory, cpu,etc )in both unit(Active & Standby). If all is well then boot to V13.x partition.

Hope issue will solved.

Hi Expert, Please add your inputs.


No need to go from 11.x to 12.x to get to 13.x. One can go from 11.x to 13.x directly. See: https://support.f5.com/csp/article/K13845

Check that the 13.x unit has loaded it’s configuration completely by running the command ‘show /sys mcp-state’. This command should return something saying that the config is fully loaded.

Try to login to the active and select ‘force to standby’.

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Comment made 20-May-2018 by boneyard 5579

I'm with Niels on this. Done this not to long ago, even though the version is quite different a failover usually works fine.

Comment made 5 months ago by DenverRB 66

To confirm, an upgrade within version 11.6.0 to 13.1.1 should work the same as an upgrade from 11.6.1 to 11.6.2?

The unit upgraded(standby) will stay in standby. Primary Unit on old code will stay active. Failover should work as usual when Failover is triggered from old code(primary) to new code(secondary). Upgrade can then commence on standby unit(old code).

JCK states differently with his experience as I understand it.

I don't understand F5_rock's statement as this is requiring a 2 step process in both pairs, which could cause trouble just in an 11 >> 12 upgrade, your now expected to go to 11 >> 12 >> 13.

Comment made 5 months ago by Niels van Sluis 2709

Yes, an upgrade from 11.6.1 to 11.6.2 would basicly be the same as an upgrade from 11.6.0 to 13.1.1. The amount of changes between the last two are of course a lot bigger. Make sure you start with a configuration that shows no errors or warnings (load /sys config verify).

Also checkout this handy checklist: