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USB Redirection in view optimized or view 1.0 iapp

It appears that when accessing view with the view client(vmware view 6.0 on windows 8) that the usb redirection is "disabled". This this a known shortcoming, or should usb redirection be working through the F5 apm.

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Yes, unfortunately, UBS Redirection is not yet supported with the BIG-IP APM PCOIP proxy and is slated to be implemented in the future release.

Comments on this Answer
Comment made 22-Jul-2014 by Terry 282
That's unfortunate.
Comment made 02-Sep-2014 by Jim Bill 0
Any idea in what release we can expect this? I was just looking at the 11.6.0 release notes and I didn't see anything about usb redirection.
Comment made 15-Sep-2014 by Thomas Schockaert 188
I second Jim Bill's question, I'd like to know when this is coming. Another option could maybe be to hack it in using an iRule, but I can't seem to find any iRule event that would allow me to add the necessary logic in the XML which is sent to the vmware view client. (The additional-listeners part that is missing). Maybe it's not enough to just add those, but hey, I can try :))
Comment made 15-Sep-2014 by Michael Koyfman 2088
Thanks, Thomas. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as adding an iRule, and there are no workarounds possible for this. As the schedule for implementation become more concrete, we will certainly update this thread with more details.
Comment made 03-Dec-2014 by Stuart 54
What is the expected behaviour when connecting via BIG-IP APM PCOIP proxy with the Horizon View Client enabled for USB redirection support? I have found that if I install the Horizon View Client with USB redirection support (on by default), I am unable to launch a desktop. As soon as I try to launch it, the Horizon View client shuts down. If I install the client and don't include the USB redirection option, I can launch desktops fine through the BIG-IP. I am running BIG-IP 11.6.0 HF1 with the f5.vmware_view.v1.2.0rc2 iApp and Horizon View Client 3.0.1 build-2085634.
Comment made 03-Dec-2014 by Andrey Terentyev
There Horizon View Client that you mentioned is actually version 3.1.0 There is a known bug in this View client version that causes client to crash when USB is negotiated. VMware confirmed this issue and worked with us (F5) to make sure the next client version (3.2) does not have this problem. VMware said they are not going to update already released 3.1 client. Until VMware releases the new 3.2 client your best option is to either do not install USB redirection or use the 3.0.0 client.
Comment made 15-Dec-2014 by Andrey Terentyev
UPDATE: VMware released View Client 3.2, so that issue should be gone now.
Comment made 16-Dec-2014 by Flinkey 0
The new horizon view client 3.2 works well with deployment guide 1.2 rc2. However usb redirects are still not working. Any news regarding that? is it implemented in the engineering hotfix for apps that is mentioned in the deployment guide?
Comment made 16-Jun-2015 by Craig Lockhart 1
Any word on an engineering hotfix for usb redirection? Six months since last update ... Thanks