v11.2 on VMWare Workstation - No Interfaces Listed


I've installed v11.2 on a VMWare Workstation 9 VM and while I'm able to configure the management interface, no interfaces are listed in the GUI.  I've added 3 NICs to the VM and rebooted the VM multiple times.  Any ideas as to what the problem might be?


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Ended up needing to modify .vmx file for the VM and change e1000 to vmxnet3. It looks like the mgmt NIC has to be e1000 though, as the VM doesn't work when eth0 is changed to vmxnet3.

the release notes state that the mgmt nic should be Flexible for 11.2.0 (and 11.0.0, etc.)

from the "Hypervisor guest definition" section on ESX/ESXi:
The VMware virtual machine guest environment for the BIG-IP VE, at minimum, must include the following:

2 x virtual CPUs (reserve 2 GHz)
4 GB RAM with a 2-core CPU
8 GB RAM with a 4-core CPU
2 GB RAM with 2-core CPU (upgrade path from version 10.2.x)
1 x virtual Flexible (PCnet32 LANCE) network adapter (for management)
3 x virtual VMXNET3 network adapters
1 x 100 GB SCSI disk, by default
1 x 50 GB SCSI disk, as an extra disk option

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