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v11.2 sharepoint iApp issue with external monitor


I've created an external monitor called "http-ntlm" and it cannot be selected in the drop-down menu, monitor section of the iApp. The template calls the function "tmsh::run_proc f5.app_utils:get_ltm_monitors_filter http" but this searches only in the built-in monitors folder, not the external ones. Anyone has found a workaround (still allowing selection) to this issue?



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Just as an update, we will be providing access to external monitors in our iApp templates beginning in version 11.4.0

The new external monitor that you created will be of type "external" and the template code is only looking for monitors of type "http". I believe that if you make a copy of the template and change the "tmsh::run_proc f5.app_utils:get_ltm_monitors_filter http" line to instead say "tmsh::run_proc f5.app_utils:get_ltm_monitors_filter http external" then that drop-down should contain the list of http monitors plus the list of external monitors.

If that doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll look into it further.

hi Mitra,
thanks! It works.

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