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VE on Windows 10 with HyperV dies

Has anyone had any luck running BigIP VE v12 and v13 on HyperV and Windows 10? I know Windows 10 is not listed as supported, but I just want to run it up on a Lab license so I can try bits and pieces.

Unfortunately, it dies after about 10 minutes.

(It works at first, then processes start dying. Eventually you can't log on anymore. The first messages I can find which indicate a problem are along the lines "storvsc: Add. Sense: Invalid command operation code")

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Comment made 09-Jul-2018 by Thomas Schockaert 188


Maybe a bit late, but here goes: I just encountered the exact same problem and it seems to be resolved after I had disabled dynamic memory on the VM settings. No more service restarts.

Kind regards,



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