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viprion chassis

Hello all,

I am planning to upgrade viprion chassis.one of the step of pre-requiste is to verify the license part before rebooting the chassis to a new volume. https://support.f5.com/csp/article/K7727

There are two viprion chassis in my environment .The service check date for both chassis is later than license check date. As per the above link if that is the case then re-activation of license can be skipped. i asked TAC but as per him his personal recommendation is to re-activate the license before reboot.

Has anyone upgraded and rebooted the chassis in the past like this scenario?will the licensing part be fine after reboot from different volume in case i dont reactivate the license ?

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I advise you to re-activate license before upgra on the new volume. It does not take time and there are only advantages.

Each time I Upgrade Our Viprion I re-activate license before processing upgrade/reboot.

Just keep in mind that you have to do this step on Viprion that host Standby guest in order to not perturb production. More after the re-activate license don't forget to set all your guest on Configured mode.


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Comment made 11-Apr-2018 by youssef 3608

Additional, you can follow KB K7727 in order to check "the service check date" and define if you have to re-active or no license. But in your case we are talking about viprion that host many Guest.

Supose in the future you have to upgrade a Guest (hosted by your viprion) and at this momement you have to re-activate licence. You will have to re-activate viprion and impact all your Guest hosted by it. Because your Guest licenses is manage by viprion (Guest inherit license from guest)

so take advantage of this period of maintenance for re-activate license...


Comment made 12-Apr-2018 by youssef 3608


I have already treat a similar need. Because as mentionned on my previous update if you have to upgrade your viprion (without mention the license part). You have to follow a specific procedure in order to accomplish your upgrade successfully.

So First of don't forget to backup all your Guests and your Host. Then before rebooting your host on the new Volume you have to shutdown all your Guest (set your Guest to Configured):

Before restarting or upgrading a host system, you should perform a graceful shutdown of all guest systems running on the host. To do so, perform the following procedure:

Log in to the host system's Configuration utility.
Navigate to vCMP > Guest List.
Click the name of the guest system you want to shut down.
From the Requested State menu, select Configured.
Click Update.

Reference: https://support.f5.com/csp/article/K15930

That's an interesting article about upgrade preparation:



Let me now if you need additional information.



Please follow below procedure:

  1. Failover traffic from guests (active ones) on standby host to guests on the active host.
  2. Move Guests to Configure Mode on the Host standby.
  3. Relicense host standby.
  4. Upgrade to the new version.
  5. Move Guests to Deployed Mode on the Host Standby.
  6. Failover traffic from guests on active to guests on standby.
  7. Verify the traffic and then proceed with same steps for another host.