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VPN Active Sessions versus actual IP Lease Pool usage..?

We're currently graphing active VPN sessions in Cacti...

Image Text

The count of 120 matches the number of active sessions listed on the F5: (v13.x) Access => Overview => Active Sessions (minus any "duplicate" sessions listed for a user - a few may have two, three or even four listed).

My question is, do the "duplicate" sessions retain IPs from the lease pool as well or are they returned to the pool (my guess... "sometimes, as some duplicate sessions don't get far enough for an IP assignment")? I've looked at the session logs for duplicate users... some show a different IP assigned, others no IP assignment at all, so that's been inconclusive. We need to graph IP lease pool usage and I was hoping this would suffice.

A follow-up question is... does anyone know what the green stat ("Active SSL-VPN connections") is? The F5 being graphed is used primarily for VPN, the only other app using it is VDI which is currently in test/development with very low usage (plus, APM isn't being used for the VDI config).


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