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VS Service Port and Pool Service Port Different

Hello All ,

I have one Virtual has service port configured on HTTPS-443 , but when I see the Pool Members for that Virtual Server those are configured with Different Service Port ( 7300 ). And also there is a HTTP Monitor configured for that Pool.

My question is, why this is configured like this - VS Server is listening on 443 but actual pool member's Service Port is 7300 ? How does that work ? Why not directly 7300 not configured as a Service Port from Virtual Server ?

Note that I see in the Http Monitor below Config as well

Alias Address == All Addresses 
Alias Service Port  == All Ports  
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This is perfectly normal - the app may be running on any service port as a single server may be hosting multiple apps. As long as Translate Address is not set to disabled on the VS, the port will be changed to whichever port is configured on the pool member. The same del with the http monitor - it will target whichever port is specified for the pool member. You can set the Alias to a specific port if you want to but don't need to.

Imagine the case where you have multiple apps/virtual servers but only one backend server. You would listen on port 443 for all of the virtual servers but a different port on the backend server for each app.