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Weird instance numbers in the OID SNMP objects


I'm querying the status of our Virtuals, Pools, PoolMembers on our LTM. I use SNMP to do that and noted a weird behavior with some objects like ltmPoolMemberStatServerBytesIn

Usually, the instances of the objects under ltmPoolMemberStatServerBytesIn are formatted this way: If the name of the pool member is:


then, the instance number is:


  • the first number is the length of the member name (/Common/vmp-ds1-01). 18 here.
  • the other numbers are each character in ASCII
  • finally the port

It is great. But sometimes, the instance is way longer and is prefixed with the pool name. For example while the pool member name is

Could you please explain what is the logic here?

Thank you,



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